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Experience the Annapolis Valley

Valley Sky provides a way to experience the finest in Annapolis Valley hospitality and culture. The Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia forms a large portion of the western edge of the province, positioned between two parallel mountain ranges that run along the Bay of Fundy shore. Home to the world’s highest tides, evolving coastal landscape, fertile farmlands and exquisite outdoor vignettes, the Annapolis Valley is a bucket-list destination to experience year-round.

The Annapolis Valley

The Annapolis Valley is one of Atlantic Canada’s richest agricultural regions, formed by a mosaic of fields, orchards, dykelands and vineyards. The vineyards in the Annapolis Valley have become rapidly recognized across Canada and the world for its terroir and climate, resulting in unique and refreshing wines for visitors to enjoy. There are plentiful wineries, breweries and distilleries to discover during your getaway to the Annapolis Valley, with unique culinary experiences to compliment local specialties. 


The tranquil beauty of nature can be experienced in many different ways in Nova Scotia. Beach-combing the shores of the Bay of Fundy, hiking the lush forest trails, and cycling the Harvest Moon trail are just some of the ways that Annapolis Valley visitors immerse themselves in the wonder that is Nova Scotia outdoor adventure.

Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is abundant in culture and character, which is enhanced by various artisanal markets, museums and historic sites across the region. The Grand-Pré National Historic Site is a powerful monument that provides insight on Acadian history, and is a stone’s throw away from Valley Sky’s accommodations. 


Whether you are longing for an outdoorsy adventure or are looking to relax in the beauty of the Annapolis Valley, we hope to provide you with a relaxing, peaceful place to land throughout your travels in Nova Scotia.

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