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The Full Valley Sky Story


Providing luxurious, adults only, accommodations for guests who wish to experience the wondrous outdoors and natural beauty that Nova Scotia offers, Valley Sky Glamping is the perfect place to celebrate a honeymoon, birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. We provide a relaxing, rejuvenating, peaceful quiet space to unwind while surrounded by nature. To preserve our experience we do not allow parties, visitors or excessive noise. ​

Our Domes

The Tidal Dome and the Valley Dome, the first domes in a series to come, are 430 sq. ft. geodesic domes featuring modern amenities and opulent comforts. We've taken great care to curate a space inspired by the environment that surrounds it and we've incorporated the finest of luxuries to accentuate the peace of mind that comes with a rural retreat. 

The Annapolis Valley

​Perfectly positioned in the Annapolis Valley, allow Valley Sky to act as the hub for your vacation. From this locale, explore world class coastal and inland hiking trails, enjoy culinary adventures while visiting local restaurants and wineries, immerse yourself in history and culture by visiting the many museums and historic sites, and so much more. This region is home to a seemingly endless list of exciting experiences and we're proud to be on that list in good company. 


Our Team

Meet the Valley Sky Team


Jonathan Stacey
Owner - CEO

Jonathan enjoys the creativity and design aspect of building a business and the fulfillment of providing memorable experiences and quality customer service for his guests. He is looking forward to many years of growing and expanding Valley Sky Glamping as a significant contributor to the economic and tourism landscape of Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley. 


Kodi Ward

Kodi takes tremendous pride in ensuring our guest experience is 5 star quality, from the presentation and cleanliness of our accommodations to ensuring every detail is taken care of. Kodi has a background in Human Services and Hospitality. She’s high energy with a positive and engaging personality and loves to listen to music while preparing accommodations. 

Awards & Recognition

With pride, we are happy to display our most recent awards and mentions of praise. We thank our community and team for supporting Valley Sky.

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Nova Scotia Explorer Review

Cailin O'Neil from visited Valley Sky and reviewed the domes with a video.

Article on

Check out our featured article from saltwire magazine.

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